Gran Lungo VS Double Espresso

A Gran Lungo is a larger version of the regular Nespresso Lungo capsule. This means that it packs a size of 150ml and a caffeine level of 120 to 200 mg. Meanwhile, a double espresso holds 60 ml and tends to have between 60 to 100 mg of caffeine. A Gran Lungo is much more … Read more

Why Your Coffee Pods Are Exploding Or Leaking

Explosions can be a cool and fascinating thing, except when they happen within your coffee machine. So, today we’re talking about exploding and leaking coffee pods, the causes, how to fix them, and even how to prevent them in the future! Let’s get started. To prevent coffee pods from exploding, simply poke a small hole … Read more

Can You Drink Coffee Creamer By Itself?

can you drink coffee creamer by itself thumbnail

Coffee creamers are a fantastic addition to add flavor to your regular cup of coffee. But have you ever wondered if you can drink coffee creamer by itself? And how bad is it for your health? You can definitely drink coffee creamer by itself and you will be surprised by how addictingly tasty it is, … Read more