About Coffee Yacht

Coffee Yacht was created straight out of interest in sharing my coffee love out there with others.

Welcome! My name is Ruben Molly and I’m just another guy who drinks coffee daily. I have a degree in web design and so what comes with that? Yep, a lot of coffee. ☕

I fell in love with coffee when I went beyond my instant coffee every morning. I couldn’t believe what I’ve been missing all this time, and that’s when I decided to start this website to share my interest with the world. It’s hard to get out of when you have a deep dive into coffee. From beans, to gear, brewing, and tasting. There are dozens of things to talk about within this niche and so here I am to help every one of you learn about this mind-altering beverage.

I don’t qualify myself as a coffee expert but I will give you honest information about everything I publish here. From coffee facts to product reviews and anything in between.

Ruben Molly
Founder of Coffee Yacht

What to do now?

If you’re here it means you too are looking for coffee-related things to make that perfect cup.

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that, so from here you can either:

We hope you enjoy the content we work on daily, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!