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Why Your Coffee Pods Are Exploding Or Leaking

Explosions can be a cool and fascinating thing, except when they happen within your coffee machine. So, today we’re talking about exploding and leaking coffee pods, the causes, how to fix them, and even how to prevent them in the future!

Let’s get started.

To prevent coffee pods from exploding, simply poke a small hole in the pod with a needle before inserting it into your coffee machine. Make sure to clean your coffee machine’s needles every now and then as these will get clogged over time, which also plays a part in exploding and leaking coffee pods.

Why Your Coffee Pods Are Exploding

The last thing you need when just waking up and being in a hurry for work is an exploding coffee pod. This is not only going to make your day worse, but it’s also a waste of good coffee.

Coffee pods have multiple reasons why they could explode, but the main 3 reasons are:

  1. A dirty or non-functional coffee machine
  1. Coffee pods that don’t match the machine
  1. Defective coffee pods

Now, let’s look at how we can fix these issues.

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Clean Your Coffee Machine

A clean coffee machine doesn’t only mean quality coffee, but it also makes sure the machine functions as it should. And be honest, who doesn’t love a clean and well-maintained coffee machine?

Anyways, this isn’t the primary cause of exploding coffee pods. The main reason is a buildup of pressure.

Coffee pod machines use needles at the top and bottom that puncture the pods, this releases pressure inside the pod.

If the bottom needle has become incredibly clogged, the pressure will simply build up inside the coffee pod, which usually ends up in an explosion.

So, How Do You Clean The Needle?

The best and most convenient way to fix this issue is by cleaning your bottom needle with a regular needle.

Remove the coffee pod holder to have direct access to the needle, but be careful as it can be a bit sharp.

If you still experience exploding coffee pods after cleaning the needle then make sure to keep on reading.

Make Sure Your Coffee Pods Match The Coffee Machine

If your coffee pod doesn’t match the coffee machine, then you’re in for a nasty treat.

This is why the match here is crucial.

Pods will explode if they don’t match the appropriate coffee machine, no matter what. This is why a Nespresso pod can’t be used in a Keurig machine, and vice versa. They simply don’t match.

Beware if you use off-brand coffee pods as they advertise themselves as compatible but they might not be. Usually, they are compatible if it says so, but manufacturers can’t verify all of these off-brand coffee pods. This can make them explode and leak as well.

Checking For Defective Coffee Pods Is A Must

Sometimes your beloved manufacturer’s coffee pods are defective. It’s rare but it happens.

Your coffee pods are made out of a plastic cup with a sealed aluminum top and are more likely to explode if the pod was overfilled with air when it was made.

How Do You Check For Defective Coffee Pods?

Since you can’t see which pods have been overfilled with air, how do you fix this issue?

A simple fix is to get your safety needle again, you know, the one you got earlier to clean out the big needle of the machine. You should get a different one though, and not the one you actually cleaned the machine with.

Now simply poke a small hole in the top of the pod.

This will get rid of the air inside and nullify any possible explosions!

I recommend doing this every single time when you use a pod, as it’s a fast and efficient way to prevent your pods from exploding.

Why Your Coffee Pods Are Leaking

Leaking coffee pods are a bit better than exploding coffee pods, but they don’t make it any less annoying.

They are usually caused by the needles in your coffee machine.

These are the 3 main reasons why your coffee pods are leaking:

  1. A dirty coffee machine
  1. Your coffee is ground too finely
  1. Your machine’s needles are bent or defective

Let’s fix them.

Stop The Leaking Pods By Cleaning Your Machine

Even though this is the same solution as for exploding pods, it applies to both leaking and exploding.

This is simply because a clogged bottom needle is going to overflow your pods from build-up pressure.

Fixing Your Needles

Again, use a regular needle to clean out the bottom and top needles of your machine. It’s also important to run some hot water cycles through the machines after doing some handy work with your needle to unclog it entirely.

If you want you can also run a few cycles of vinegar and then some cycles of water. The vinegar helps to deep clean the coffee maker’s internal parts.

But don’t forget to do this AFTER using your safety needle.

Use Coarser Ground Coffee

Even though finely ground coffee brings out more flavors, it’s not a good idea to use them as instant pods.

Finely ground coffee is more likely to sneak through the holes in your coffee pod when the machine’s needle pokes in it. Meanwhile, the coarse ground coffee’s size is unable to get through these tiny holes.

It’s also important to note that you’re more likely to have this problem if you buy off-brand pods or use refillable pods. So, if you aren’t sure how the coffee has been ground in these pods, then simply don’t use them.

So, don’t use fine-ground coffee pods, and stick to coarser grinds.

Do Your Machine’s Needles Work Appropriately?

Your machine’s needles are actually quite fragile.

They might seem sturdy but they can easily become clogged, break, or bend. They are small, sharp needles that can be damaged while being cleaned, which will end up in leaking pods.

Fixing The Needles

Have a look at your machine’s needles and see if they’re (slightly) bent. If this is the case then you may be able to fix the problem on your own.

But, if you are unsure and don’t want to risk cutting yourself or making the problem worse, then make sure to contact your coffee machine’s manufacturer to help you out.

The Bottom Line

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve talked about.

Exploding coffee pods are caused by a buildup of pressure and can be prevented by:

  • Cleaning your coffee machine’s needles with a safety needle
  • Matching the pods with the appropriate coffee machine
  • Poking a small hole with a needle in the surface of the pod to release air

Leaking coffee pods are generally caused by a dirty bottom needle, to prevent this you can:

  • Clean your coffee machine’s needles with a safety needle
  • Get a coarser grind within the coffee pods
  • Check for bent or defective needles in your machine

If you are unsure about messing with your machine’s needles then do not hesitate to contact your machine’s manufacturer and get it serviced as they have the most experience with their machines.

That’s it for today, happy caffeinating!

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