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The 9 Best Dunkin’ Cold Brews In 2023. Ranked & Reviewed

Dunkin’ has a lot to offer, from drinks to snacks, but what about their cold brews?

After Dunkin’ there for a few years I thought it was time to give you my favorite picks of Dunkin’s Cold Brews, so let’s get to it!

Dunkin’ Cold Brews

If you didn’t know, cold brew is a type of brewing where beans are steeped in cold water for 12 hours. This extracts the rich, complex flavors from the coffee grounds and makes it completely different from iced coffee. It also comes with a lot more caffeine than your regular espresso shot.

Dunkin’ uses 100% Arabica Beans which is perfect for this type of brew. This creates a smooth, rich, and slightly sweet taste. You can also get Dunkin’s coffee on Amazon and brew it in your own home to make their cold brew yourself.

Now that’s out of the way it’s time to get to our favorite cold brew orders at Dunkin’!

The 9 Best Dunkin’ Cold Brews Reviewed

1. The Charli Cold Foam (SEASONAL)

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 190/250/340
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 37g/50g/68g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

It’s no surprise that the charli cold foam is our top pick at Dunkin’ as it’s been popular for years and many people’s favorite. This drink has caramel shots and is topped with sweet cold foam and cinnamon sugar.

Just thinking about it makes me want to order it while writing this. It’s a must-try if you haven’t had it yet!

2. Vanilla Cream Cold Brew (SEASONAL)

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 60/100/130
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 1g/1g/2g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

A much healthier option is the vanilla cream cold brew. If you like vanilla and cream then you’re going to love this one. This drink is also a lot healthier as it barely has any sugars and a much smaller amount of calories than the charli cold foam.

3. Don’t Be Scared To Be Creative

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: N/A
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: N/A
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

Of course, you can make your own cold brew as well. You can pick whatever flavor shots or flavor swirls you want to add extra to your chosen cold brew. This will cost extra but it’s nice to know.

I once read a forum post about Dunkin’ cold brews and came across this comment where they tried a French vanilla swirl with blueberry shots, cream, and liquid sugar. It sounded so good that I just had to try it.

This is a fantastic combination if you like vanilla and blueberry flavors and I highly recommend it! But the moral of the story is that you can be creative with your cold brew and that you don’t have to just pick what’s on the menu.

You can find some real gems this way.

4. Regular Cold Brew Coffee

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 5/5/5
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 0g/0g/0g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

Nothing beats a smooth, rich cold brew without any sweeteners or additives.

The healthiest option on the cold brew menu, yet so flavorful if you’re a fan of pure cold brew. Perfect if you need that caffeine kick in the morning and have the morning sunshine hit your eyes.

5. Caramel Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam (SEASONAL)

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 190/240/340
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 37g/49g/67g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

And back to the caramel we go. There is just something about caramel and coffee, it works so well together and I feel bad for the people that don’t like caramel that much.

The caramel cold brew with sweet cold foam is a sweetener machine. Packed with caramel flavor the beautiful yet delicious sweet cold foam will make you crave more.

6. Cold Brew with Cream and Sugar

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 130/190/260
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 18g/27g/36g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

If you want a bit more sugar and flavor to a regular cold brew then you can try it with cream and sugar. It’s less healthy than the regular cold brew but it comes with a lot more flavor and sweetness.

What I like about this is that you can still tell it’s a smooth and rich cold brew, just with some added sweeteners. Perfect if you don’t like the bitterness, but you do like the taste.

7. Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam and Cream

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 140/170/230
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 12g/12g/18g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

Want the fairly same thing but with less sugars and calories? Then it’s time for a cold brew with sweet cold foam and cream!

I always prefer this one over the one with just cream and sugar. There’s something about that cold brew, with sweet cold foam and cream. It just hits the spot for me if I want that smooth cold brew with a bit of sweetness.

8. Cold Brew with Oatmilk (SEASONAL)

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 15/30/50
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 1g/1g/2g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

Oat milk is sweeter and healthier than cow’s milk, which makes the regular cold brew with oat milk stand out.

It brings a slight sweet milky taste which blends super well with pure cold brew. I like this one a lot in the morning for a caffeine kick but with a bit of sweetness.

It’s also very healthy as it contains almost no sugar or calories!

9. Pumpkin Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam (SEASONAL)

  • Calories – Small/Med/Large: 190/240/330
  • Sugars – Small/Med/Large: 35g/47g/65g
  • Caffeine – Small/Med/Large: 174mg/260mg/347mg

Pumpkin flavors usually are released during the fall season. It has pumpkin flavors together with brown sugar which blends super nicely.

This Dunkin’ drink is actually very popular during the fall and I’ve only had it a handful of times but I can definitely recommend it. 

Dunkin’s Cold Brew Nutrition Table

Dunkin’ has a nutrition guide for all of their drinks and snacks which is regularly updated, especially when there are new seasonal launches. So have a look there if you want to know how many calories, sugars, and other things are in their current seasonal or permanent products.

Things You Might Want To Know Before Ordering Dunkin’ Cold Brews

  • Cold brews come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • Every cold brew has a fixed amount of caffeine: 174mg in small, 260mg in medium, and 347mg in large cold brews. Be aware that the recommended daily caffeine intake is a maximum of 400mg per day.
  • Any flavor shots or flavor swirls can be added to a cold brew. This will cost extra but you can get very creative with this.
  • All flavor shots are unsweetened and sugar-free BUT all flavor SWIRLS are sweetened.
  • Seasonal cold brews are mainly flavored with seasonal cold foams. So once the season is over, so is your seasonal cold foam.
  • There is NO decaf cold brew option.

Seasonal Cold Brews

Seasons change, often. This is where Dunkin’ likes to come up with new drinks and snacks. The unfortunate thing is that these seasonal launches are only there for the season, and sometimes they don’t come back at all.

Some of the seasonal cold brews from previous years are Cookie Butter Cold Brew, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, and Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew.

These are all fantastic drinks and it makes me sad that they always have to go. But it keeps things fresh and makes you go back to Dunkin’ every time.


Can I Make Dunkin’s Cold Brew At Home?

Yes! Dunkin’ has its own ground coffee that it uses for its cold brews and you can just get it on Amazon here. They have a medium roast, dark roast, and even different flavors like Hazelnut and French Vanilla if you’re looking for that too.

Just make sure you use the ground beans to make a batch of cold brew. So that means steeping it for 12 hours, etc.

Can I Get Unsweetened Caramel Cold Brew?

Unfortunately, this can’t be done, as all flavor swirls at Dunkin’ are sweetened.

The Bottom Line

Dunkin’ is a coffee powerhouse, with so many options we’ve only scratched the surface of what they have to offer.

Their cold brews are very diverse and you can’t go wrong with any of them, but if I have to choose a top 3 then I’ll go for The Charli Cold Foam, Vanilla Cream Cold Brew, and their regular Cold Brew with no added additives.

That’s it for today, happy caffeinating!

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