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How To Clean Your Gevi Espresso Machine

It’s important you thoroughly clean your Gevi espresso machine as this is the base of producing delicious and rich espresso. You might worry and think this is a tedious process, but it’s quite easy.

Let’s get started.

How To Clean Your Gevi Espresso Machine

The general rule of thumb for cleaning your Gevi espresso machine is rinsing its components with hot water after every brew and a deep clean once a week.

The portafilter, basket, and drip tray components should be rinsed with hot water and dried with a cloth after every brew.

But what about deep cleans? This cleaning ensures your machine stays clean and well-maintained inside and should be done once a week, let’s get to the next section to see how to do this quickly and effectively.

Deep Cleaning Your Gevi Espresso Machine

A deep clean of your espresso machine should be done once a week and I use the Cafetto EVO Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder for this, as I personally have a great experience using this product and it keeps my machine super clean!

Now let’s get to cleaning your Gevi espresso machine.

  1. First, take apart the basket from the portafilter and run them under some hot water, then give them both a wipe with a rag or cloth.
  2. Grab a brush, preferably one for espresso machines like this one, and run some water through the group head, then use your brush to clean the edges and tight spaces in the group head.
  3. Get a small (plastic) container, fill it with hot water, and add a scoop of the Cafetto EVO Powder into it. Put your portafilter, basket, and other portafilter components in the solution but DO NOT put the portafilter handle in there as this can damage the handle. Leave these components in the solution for at least 15 minutes.
  4. After your components have soaked in the solution for 15 minutes, pat it down a bit with a rag or cloth.
  5. Insert a flat/blind basket in your portafilter, add a scoop of the Cafetto EVO Powder in the basket, and insert it into the group head as if you were to brew a regular espresso.
  6. Start the cycle and run it for 10 seconds to dissolve the cleaner, then stop it and allow it to sit for 10 seconds.
  7. This should’ve dissolved the cleaner inside the basket, you can have a look if you want to be sure it’s done this.
  8. Repeat the #6 cycle 4 more times. So, run for 10 seconds and stop for 10 seconds.
  9. After you’ve done the cycle for a total of 5 times, remove the portafilter and clean the group head, shower screen & group seal with a brush to remove coffee grounds.
  10. Re-insert the portafilter with the flat/blind basket, start & stop the cycle 10 more times, but now 5 seconds on and 2 seconds off. This is to ensure thorough rinsing.
  11. Remove the flat/blind basket, insert a regular one, and re-season the machine by brewing a single espresso, but make sure to DISCARD IT.
  12. Clean, rinse & dry the drip tray to ensure proper drainage.
  13. Wipe the exterior of the machine with a soft, non-abrasive damp cloth and wipe dry.
  14. Your portafilter, basket, and other portafilter components, as well as your machine inside, are deep cleaned!

It may seem like a lot but once you get the hang of it, it will be quite a quick and easy process!

Now let’s get to deep cleaning your steam wand (if you have a Gevi Espresso Machine that has one), as this has a slightly different process.

Deep Cleaning Your Gevi’s Espresso Machine Steam Wand

Deep cleaning your steam wand which is used to froth milk has a slightly different but much easier process. For this, I personally use Biocaf Espresso Machine Milk Cleaning Liquid as this works extremely well and removes old/stained milk in the steam wand.

Let’s get to the process.

  1. Screw off the tip of the steam wand and make sure it doesn’t have any milk on it, you can rinse it in hot water then screw it back on.
  2. Grab your milk pitcher and add 30ml (1 fl oz) of the Biocaf Milk Cleaning Liquid to it, as well as 470ml (16 fl oz) of hot water.
  3. Put the steam wand into the pitcher. (Try to cover as much of the wand into the pitcher)
  4. Turn on the steam wand for a good 2 seconds, as if you were going to steam some milk, then turn it off again. This ensures the solution to get into the wand.
  5. Now let the steam wand sit in the solution for 15 minutes.
  6. After 15 minutes you can take the wand out of the pitcher and throw away the solution in the pitcher.
  7. Grab a clean rag or cloth and wipe down the steam wand, do this thoroughly till the outside of the wand is entirely clean and dry.
  8. Now purge the steam wand for 10 seconds to make sure all the liquid is out of the wand.
  9. Enjoy your clean steam wand!

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your Gevi espresso machine doesn’t have to be a tedious process. The techniques above need some getting used to if you’ve never done a deep clean of your espresso machine but once you get them down they will be easy to apply once a week.

Happy caffeinating!

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