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Is A Moka Pot Worth It?

A Moka pot is an excellent option for newcomers and experienced people. It’s cheap, easy to use, and brews some very rich and flavorful coffee. It’s convenient to take with you as it won’t take up much space either. A must-have for any coffee lover.

If you’re a newcomer or a coffee addict, you might have come across the Moka pot and wondered if it’s even worth getting it. I’ve had mine for years and I can only say good things about it, and let me tell you why that is.

Let’s get started.

Is a Moka Pot Worth It?

A Moka pot is totally worth it, especially if you’re new to the coffee game! It’s cheap, easy to use and you can brew some very rich and flavorful coffee with it. If you like camping, it’s easy to take it with you as it won’t take up much space at all. The Moka pot is in my opinion a must-have for any coffee lover out there.

Which Moka Pot Should You Buy?

First, you should know that there are 2 types of Moka pots, they are made in either Aluminum or Stainless Steel. They both use the same brewing technique, but it’s up to you which one fits more to your preferences, so let’s have a look.

Aluminum Moka Pots

Aluminum Moka pots are the most common Moka pots, but they do come with a few pros and cons.

Pros Cons
✅ Aluminum conducts heat very well, so less energy and brewing time are needed
✅ Cheaper than stainless steel
✅ Sturdy and lightweight
✅ Softer than stainless steel so you can find it in more shapes and sizes
❌ Aluminum reacts with food, this may show stains and affect taste & color of coffee after a while
❌ Less durable and lighter than stainless steel, so it might bend easier
❌ Aluminum corrodes and scratches easily

Overall, aluminum Moka pots are quite durable and brew some amazing coffee, the pros outweigh the cons and thus you can’t go wrong with an aluminum Moka pot.

Stainless Steel Moka Pots

For these reasons, stainless steel Moka pots became more popular after a while, but do they come with any cons? Let’s see.

Pros Cons
✅ Stainless steel is a heavyweight material, so it’s unlikely to bend
✅ It’s corrosion and scratch-free, so it will always look as good as new, even after years of use
✅ Stainless steel doesn’t react to food, so it won’t change your coffee’s taste or color
❌ More expensive than Aluminum
❌ Heavier, so your Moka pot will be less portable
❌ Doesn’t conduct heat as efficiently as aluminum (Slower brewing times)

Both aluminum and stainless steel Moka pots are available, so it comes down to your preference, you can’t go wrong with either of them as their brewing technique is the same. If you’re still struggling, then my article on if you can put a Moka pot in the dishwasher should help you make your final decision.

Moka Pot Sizes

Moka pots come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to get one that fits your daily brewing needs. For example, the brew quantity of a “1 cup Moka pot” is equivalent to that of a double espresso, which is around 2 fluid ounces, or 60ml.

Moka pots come in the following cup sizes: 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12.

One of the downsides of a Moka pot is that they are designed to brew the amount intended. This means that you can’t brew smaller amounts with a larger pot.

Sizefl ozml
1 Cup2.060
3 Cup6.5200
6 Cup10300
9 Cup18.5550
12 Cup25775

So, how do you determine the right size for you? Your habits! Look at how much coffee you drink on a daily basis and go from there. If you drink 1 cup a day then I recommend the 1 Cup Size Moka pot. If you have a household of 2 to 3 coffee drinkers then I recommend a 6 Cup Size Moka pot.

How Do You Make Coffee In a Moka Pot?

It’s important to learn how to brew coffee in a Moka pot. By sticking to the following principles you will end up with an enjoyable and flavorful coffee every time.

  1. Choose appropriate coffee beans, a medium-dark roast is recommended for an espresso-like coffee.
  2. Grind the beans using a medium to fine setting, you want them to be a bit coarser than finely ground espresso. A too-fine grind will end up with a bitter taste when using a Moka pot.
  3. Fill the filter basket (middle part) with your coffee grounds and lightly even it out with your finger. Don’t push it down.
  4. Fill up the bottom chamber of the Moka pot with hot/boiling water but make sure the water is below the valve. If you want to find out why to start with hot water, then make sure to give that article a quick read.
  5. Insert the filter basket into the bottom chamber and screw on the upper chamber with the filter plate and gasket in place. Be careful as the bottom chamber could be boiling hot already, use a towel or oven mitts to screw on the upper chamber.
  6. Keep the lid open and place the pot on the stove with a medium heat setting.
  7. The extraction process should happen fairly quickly so don’t go sit down on your couch just yet.
  8. Switch off the heat once you hear a gurgling sound coming from the column.
  9. Close the lid and immediately remove the Moka pot from the stove. Place the bottom chamber under cold water to prevent any further extraction as this can make the moka pot smell burnt.
  10. Pour the coffee into your favorite cup and enjoy!

Here’s a quick video of the summary above if you’d like to watch the process instead.

How Much Coffee Do You Put In a Moka Pot?

You already know how much water you should put into your Moka pot, but what about your ground beans?

1 Cup0.298
3 Cup0.7120
6 Cup1.2435
9 Cup255
12 Cup3.6100

Is Moka Pot Coffee as Strong as Espresso?

A Moka pot and espresso are about as equally strong, but it’s in the technique that differs them from each other in taste and other elements.

  • A Moka pot produces a tiny bit over 1 atmosphere of pressure, this is how it pushes the water up through the coffee grounds into the top of the pot.
  • An espresso machine uses 9 atmospheres of pressure to push water through a puck of tightly packed finely ground coffee.

This means that a Moka pot makes coffee as strong as espresso, but it lacks flavor, texture, and other elements that can only come out under pressure.

Is Moka Pot Coffee Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

On average, Moka pot coffee is around 50% stronger than drip/regular coffee. This is because regular coffee is made at a coffee-to-water ratio of around 1:16 while Moka pot coffee is at a ratio of around 1:7.

Cleaning Your Moka Pot

A clean moka pot means excellent coffee. This is why it’s important to clean your pot after every use and do a deep clean once per week.

Luckily deep cleaning your moka pot is an easy process. Remember to NEVER use soaps/detergents or put them in the dishwasher as this will damage the pot over time and give you an unpleasant coffee taste.

Basic Cleaning Your Moka Pot After Each Use

After you’ve used your moka pot, it’s time to clean it.

  1. Rinse the moka put under hot running water.
  2. After it has cooled down, disassemble it by removing the funnel.
  3. Rinse each component of the pot thoroughly.
  4. Use a clean cloth to dry the moka pot parts.
  5. Reassemble the parts back together once they are completely dry.

Deep Cleaning Your Moka Pot Once Per Week

Besides the basic activity, it’s important to do a deeper clean once a week. This ensures that the moka pot is always in its full glory and always functions at its best.

Cleaning The Filter Plate of The Moka Pot

It’s recommended to check every now and then that the filter’s holes are free of any obstructions. If they are clogged, they can be cleaned using a toothbrush with delicate bristles. A needle works well too.

Cleaning The Bottom Chamber of The Moka Pot

Fill your boiler with water. Add 2 teaspoons of citric acid or vinegar. Reassemble the moka pot and, without adding any coffee powder, brew. Discard the abstained solution. Wash the moka pot with running water and proceed with the preparation of the coffee.

Cleaning of The Gasket

For effective cleaning of the gasket, simply remove it from the moka pot and wipe its entire surface with a cloth soaked in water.

The Bottom Line

So, yes, a Moka pot is totally worth it. It’s cheap and can brew some excellent coffee. You can’t go wrong and it’s a fun addition to add to your coffee collection. The only downside is that it needs regular cleaning.

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