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Can Ferrets Have coffee or Eat Coffee Grounds?

NO, your ferret can’t consume coffee or anything caffeine related for that matter. Caffeine in a ferret’s body can cause harmful effects such as an upset stomach, hyperactivity, anxiety, seizures, and even death in some cases. Keep coffee far away from your beloved furry friend.

You might have a pet ferret running around at home and noticed it drank from your cup of joe. Is it bad for them, and what should you do? I’m here to tell you all about that, as well as what else is harmful to them.

Let’s get started.

Can Ferrets Have Coffee or Eat Coffee Grounds?

Simply a big no. Ferrets can’t consume anything coffee or caffeine-related in any way. Ferrets aren’t big animals; thus, they can easily overdose on caffeine. It’s recommended to keep your coffee far away from them. Small amounts shouldn’t be a problem but ferrets can easily get upset stomachs, even from small doses. If your ferret consumed quite a bit of coffee then it’s recommended to contact your vet.

Ferret owners that let their ferret consume coffee/caffeine can find themselves with an upset, hyperactive, anxious animal, or worse, seizures or death.

Even though a ferret’s body isn’t as small as a hamster’s, caffeine is still as dangerous to them.

Caffeine is a powerful substance that’s not handled well by animals, they also don’t have a limit when consuming coffee as they most likely never had it before.

As with most, if not any animal, coffee or caffeine, in general, is a no go for them. 

What Else Should You Not Feed To Ferrets?

Besides coffee, there are a few more things that shouldn’t get in touch with your ferret as they are either toxic or poisonous to them.

A few more toxic and poisonous foods for ferrets:
❌ Vegetables (Especially hard vegetables)
❌ Avocado
❌ Fruit
❌ Dairy
❌ Grains
❌ Sugary treats
❌ Chocolate
❌ Cooked bones
❌ Dog and adult cat food
❌ Xylitol

What Types of Water Ferrets Can And Can’t Drink

Water is what ferrets can have, straight and simple. It’s the most essential liquid for your ferret, but not just any water…

Types of water your ferret can and can’t have:
✅ Bottled water (Spring water or filtered water, NO tap water)
❌ Tap water
❌ Distilled water
❌ Ionized water
❌ Oxidized water
❌ Polarized water

Tap water

Tap water contains harmful additives such as chlorine and fluoride that could put your ferret’s health at risk. This may not hurt your pet immediately, but those who may already be sick or have a weakened immune system may get worse.

Bottled water

Most bottled water is perfectly safe for ferrets, but you should know where the bottled water comes from. Some bottled water is just tap water with a few additives and they shouldn’t drink regular tap water. Make sure it’s filtered water, look for both bottled spring water or filtered water.

Distilled water

Distilled water may seem like a good option, but most distilled water does not give your ferret’s body its essential nutrients. The distilling process removes both contaminants and important minerals and is not able to restore the right balance your ferret needs. Your ferret needs magnesium and other nutrients in order to stay healthy and live a long life.

What Should I Feed My Pet Ferret?

Ferrets are strict carnivores so they require a diet of meat/animal products that are typically high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates and fiber. This is why raw meat is the best option.

A ferret’s diet should consist of 32 – 38% protein and 15 – 20% fat.

Foods you can feed to your ferret:
✅ Good quality commercial ferret foods
✅ Commercial kitten food (constant supply)
✅ Chicken wings and stripped carcasses
✅ Turkey necks
✅ Rabbit
✅ Game birds
✅ Pigeons
✅ Minced beef
✅ Lamb
✅ Offal
✅ Lambs heart
✅ Raw animal bones for calcium and cleaning your ferret’s teeth
✅ Chicken
✅ Lamb
✅ Mice
✅ Rats
✅ Chicks

The Bottom Line

Your furry friend can’t have coffee or anything caffeine related for that matter. If they do get their hands on it and you can get them away from it fast enough then it’s most likely not going to be a problem. But if they did consume a lot of coffee then it’s recommended to contact your vet.

Keep your ferret healthy by giving it bottled filtered water and a diet that consists mostly of raw meat since they rely on protein and fats.


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