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Can Bearded Dragons Have Coffee? All You Need To Know!

No, bearded dragons can’t have coffee. A little drop/sip won’t hurt them, but anything more than that can cause serious harm and can be lethal. Keep caffeine-related drinks far away from any lizards/animals as they don’t handle it as well as humans. If your bearded dragon consumed a lot of coffee then contact your vet as soon as possible.

If you have a beardie then you know how they can move around and explore what your house has to offer. I like to keep mine on my desk from time to time while I’m working and I do have my coffee across the table from him. But is it safe for them to consume coffee? Here’s all you need to know.

Let’s get started.

Can Bearded Dragons Have Coffee?

In short, no, bearded dragons can’t have coffee. While a little sip most likely won’t hurt them, it can cause some serious harm or even be lethal due to the caffeine since they’re so small. Even though they will probably jump around and run like it’s a marathon, it’s always best to keep coffee away from your beloved lizard.

Caffeine is a powerful substance that in most if not all cases need to stay away from your animals. Humans can handle it quite well but that doesn’t mean other animals do just as well. If you have noticed that your bearded dragon consumed some coffee then it’s recommended to contact your vet.

Other Foods That Are Potentially Toxic To Bearded Dragons

Besides caffeine there are some more foods that are toxic to bearded dragons, these are:

  • Avocados
  • Unidentified Berries
  • Houseplants

So, What Drinks Can Bearded Dragons Have?

I hate to break it to you, but bearded dragons should only have water as their main drink, just like humans. Hard tap water is completely fine and is recommended, soft water has sodium which should only present an issue if sodium must be restricted due to medical reasons.

What If My Bearded Dragon Is Dehydrated?

If your bearded dragon is dehydrated it’s most likely constipated too.

To keep your bearded dragon hydrated you can:

  • Bath him in water
  • Spray him/his enclosure with water
  • Give him food
  • Make him drink from a bowl
  • Use a syringe or eye dropper

The Bottom Line

Bearded dragons or any lizard/animal should never consume coffee or caffeine-stimulated drinks. Since bearded dragons are small they can overdose very easily with massive consequences afterward. A little drop/sip most likely won’t hurt them but if you noticed they drank quite a bit then contact your vet as soon as possible.

Keep your bearded dragon hydrated by using tap water. You can also bath him, spray him/his enclosure, feed him, make him drink, or use a syringe or eye dropper.


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